About me

I’m Graham, a coffee fuelled graphic and website designer based just outside Glasgow. I love working with start up and small businesses, businesses that are passionate about their field and are on the lookout for a helping hand to communicate their message to existing and new customers.

I can design and supply just about anything for your business, including printed marketing material, signage, vehicle graphics, websites and social media graphics.

If your company needs a logo designed or rebranded, I create high quality identities which are tailored to your type of business.

How can I help your business?

I have over 10 years experience in working with small & medium sized businesses, from established local brands to enthusiastic individuals who are ready to go it alone. I believe any business large or small needs to have a positive, lasting identity that sticks in the mind of anyone who sees it. An impression that leaves a feeling of confidence, trust and value.

My aim and principle goal is taking your message and transforming it into something that not only looks brilliant, but is also interesting, informative and easy to digest. I also have a keen interest in customer experience and much of my work is based on targeting your customers emotions and not limiting my input to eye-catching graphic design. I’m quite geeky in terms of subconscious marketing techniques, using colour to evoke emotion, sound to create atmosphere and even scent to trigger a memory.

If you are looking for solutions to enhance your communication with your customers there are cost effective methods for doing this. From setting up email newsletters to helping to build your social media audience. Here are some of my best tips for keeping in touch with your customers / clients.