Keeping in touch with your customers and clients is now easier and cheaper than ever. If your business isn’t online it’s time to take care of that. Here are my top tips for reaching out to your customers and increasing their engagement.

  1. Social Media

In this day and age social media seems to be the must have for all businesses and for good reason. Social media gives you a low cost marketing tool that allows you to not only keep existing customers updated with your latest announcements, it also lets your seek out new customers. How often you post is something that’s entirely up to you and the nature of your business, however there is one rule that every business needs to follow…. Make your content interesting. Before you click publish on your next post take a minute to ask yourself this question. When you receive a positive response to your post social media channels will allow your post to be seen by more of your followers and their friends which in turn can increase your reach.

Social Media Post featuring Dogs

2. Email Newsletters

For the companies who don’t feel social media is for them, I would say use email marketing. There are easy to use email marketing solutions which when used frequently can increase customer engagement and automatically manage your email marketing database. If your business provides products or services to another business use email marketing to direct traffic to your website, physical location or increase phone calls.

3. Sponsorship

It’s possibly something you didn’t think of, but what about sponsoring a local sports team or even a local event. A perfect example of this is The Wee Steamie. The Wee Steamie is a family run laundrette and dry cleaners who provide an incredibly professional service in and around their area of Glasgow. To keep them in the minds of their local residents they sponsor one of the local football teams. What better advertisement than the cleanest kits in the league?


4. Networking

It seems obvious but keeping in touch with other businesses and doing them favours, passing them custom and putting their name out there can absolutely have it’s rewards. Get talking to local business owners and build up a network of independent businesses in your area.

Get in touch for more information on how to setup any of the above methods of keeping in touch with your customers.